Patio Fireplace Ideas

Amazing Patio Fireplace

Patio fireplace – Imagine a fireplace for a south-western patio. This rounded fireplace usually occupies the corner of a patio, and often contains built-in bench seats on either side of the fire. Lightweight construction methods have replaced the heavy adobe clay used in the past. The modern stove contains a standard brick fireplace and chimney covered with a wire mesh frame to create its unusual shape. A smooth stucco plaster coating applied over the wire anchor.

Inside Outside

A patio fireplace provides homeowners with the opportunity to enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of a crackling fire on the patio and in the living room at the same time. This gas fireplace has openings on both sides, giving a view from the inside to the outside. It provides heat via a closed combustion chamber with glass panels specified for windows use. A specialized air distribution system allows fresh air to enter the chamber, and smoke to exhaust to the outside.

Fire Pits

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Patio fireplace are available in all shapes, sizes and designs. They bring the mind to an open fire, creating a relaxed feeling for outdoor living space. Fire pits can be either wood burning or powered by a gas source. Choose permanent fire pits built of brick, natural stone or concrete blocks. Affordable and portable ready fire pits have metal and ceramic construction. These models have dual-use features such as barbecue grills, cocktail table surrounds and beverage coolers.

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