How To Install Plastic Patio Covers

Plastic Patio Covers

Plastic Patio Covers – At the time of placing a roof to a patio you can choose different types: wooden decks, tile roofs, etc. On this occasion, we opted for plastic cover. Plastic patio covers is a material that comes in sheets and can be cut to size. In addition there are different thicknesses and it is very easy to cut as well as being very flexible.

Here step by step to install plastic patio covers. The first thing to do is mark the plastic cover pieces that we will need to cover the roof of the wooden structure. Once we have the measurements and the pieces, we cut them with the circular saw. To achieve a good seal, in addition to the joints we will also use aluminum profiles. These we will have to cut with the jigsaw.

The next thing to install plastic patio covers will be to put the sealing joints on the aluminum profiles and also on the straps of the wooden structure. It is important that the flap is facing outwards. Next, let’s go put the first piece of plastic cover and fix it to the wooden straps with some screws. Place the second piece of plastic cover on the sealing gasket, put the aluminum profile on the joint and introduce the screws. We place the rest of the plastic cover pieces proceeding in the same way. To finish the work, we place the finishing profiles on the plates and fix them with silicone. Finally, we check the sealing of the cover.

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