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Concrete patio home require a very level base to be poured properly. With paving stones or stone, you can handle some irregularities by adjusting your material. Pouring concrete, however, requires a completely smooth surface for proper application. This is where the filling, the material used to fill the base before applying the concrete becomes important. You can use several different types of fillings based on your project.

Sand is one of the most common fill choices to prepare an area for a concrete patio. Sand is easily accessible, and you can choose from a variety of colors and types. If you plan to use rocks or asphalt pavers somewhere in your patio home design, sand can also make an excellent filler material between them, as well as under the concrete. That kind of grain is not important, because most types of sand can easily level a surface enough for concrete.

Gravel is the second common option for concrete patio filler. Gravel shares many advantages with sand, but has some important differences. First, gravel does not wash as easily as sand, which can be an important factor, depending on the climate and the location of the patio home. Secondly, gravel comes in different grades. The smaller the score the better, because smaller gravel pieces are easier to plan out to a level plan for the concrete.

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